Pacifico Raft Cross
Photo: Dan Davis

Pacifico Raft Cross


Fun for rafters and spectators, the Pacifico Raft Cross combines the speed of down river sprints with the water slaughter of 8-Ball.

Two person teams will have a chance to showcase their speed, agility, and aggression in a timed qualifying run through the heart of Vail Village on Gore Creek. 

4:30 PM

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event closes Thursday, June 8 at 6:00 PM. Teams must be registered by June 1st by 6:00PM (this event will sell out).

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Event Overview


4:30 PM

Similar to the 8-Ball Kayak Sprint, the Pacifico Raft Cross is a raft race (two person rafts) on the Class II / III whitewater of Gore Creek in Vail Village. Two person teams will have a chance to showcase their speed, agility, and aggression in a timed qualifying run through the heart of Vail Village on Gore Creek. Teams will then be placed in “race pods” of no more than three teams to go head-to-head in the Vail Whitewater Park (1/10th of a mile). The winner(s) advance to the next round.  Along the way, rafters will have to navigate no less than 2 upstream gates and don’t forget, RAMMING IS ALLOWED.





FRIDAY, June 9

4:30 PM



Open (Teams of 2)

  • Raft specifications- Hyside 10.5 Mini-Max rafts will be provided for competitors of the Pacifico Raft Cross.
  • Mandatory Equipment includes:
    • Coast Guard /ISO approved PFD
    • Helmet
    • Protective footwear
  • Recommended Equipment Includes:
    • Dry-suit or wetsuit
    • Organizers encourage athletes to bring their own paddles, but paddles will be available if needed.
  • Athletes must wear competitor bibs outside their PFDs at all times.
  • Event organizers and whitewater rescue teams are not responsible for equipment rescue and/or equipment removal from the GoPro Mountain Games whitewater courses should athletes lose their equipment during practice or competition.
  • Athletes must arrive at Whitewater HQ on Gore Creek Promenade 45 minutes before race start to check in, attend mandatory safety meeting and pick up their competition bib.
  • Athletes will be placed in ‘race pods’ or heats of no more than three boats. Final number of heats/pods will be determined the day of the race in accordance with total number of athletes registered for the race.
  • Athletes are encouraged to use reef safe sunscreen during all competitions.
race COURSE:
  • The race begins with competitors starting in a ‘land start’ format at the Covered Bridge.
  • The horn will sound and rafters will sprint 200 meters to the finish line at the International Bridge.
race format:
  • Final race rules and format will be available during the Safety Meeting. 
  • Rafters will have to navigate around no less than two (2) upstream or downstream gates. 
  • Both team members must be in the boat and get around the gate. 
  • Any intentional contact with the gate will result in a penalty or disqualification. 
  • Teams that miss a gate will be penalized.
  • A raft’s finish will be official when their entire raft crosses the finish line. 
  • Both hands must remain on the athletes’ paddle at all times.  
  • Competitors may NOT throw their paddle to finish the race.
  • No intentional grabbing, shoving, hitting or horseplay will be allowed. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification. 
  • Ramming another team’s raft is allowed. 
  • Top finishers will advance to the next round. Number of racers advancing in each round will be determined on race day. Rounds will continue until a winner is determined.  

Race start is located riverside below the covered bridge in Mountain House Gear Town and the finish location will be at the International Bridge.

Price & Prizes


EARLY BIRD PRICING // February 1 – April 5, 2023

REGISTRATION PRICING // April 6 – May 31, 2023

EVENT PRICING // June 1 – June 8, 2023

*The first person that registers will serve as the captain and pay the full entry fee. All team members much register by June 1st at 6:00 PM.


Total Prize Purse: $1,500

1st Place Team – $750 ($375 per person)

2nd Place Team – $500 ($250 per person)

3rd Place Team – $250 ($125 per person)


1st – YETI Rambler 36oz Bottle
2nd – YETI Yonder 1L Bottle
3rd – YETI Yonder .75ml Bottle

Prizes to be determined.

Price & Prizes

Event Map


SUP & Raft Cross Put In @ Covered Bridge


SUP & Raft Cross Take Out @ International Bridge