adidas Terrex Pepi’s Face-Off
Photo: Jon Resnick

adidas Terrex Pepi’s Face-Off

A ‘Beautiful pain’

A true test of mental and physical strength, the adidas Terrex Pepi’s Face-Off is a “beautiful pain” as racers navigate up AND down the black-diamond trail Pepi’s Face as many times as they can in 30 minutes. Named after Vail legend Pepi Gramshammer, Pepi’s Face features about 250 vertical feet with a near-45-degree pitch — one of the steepest runs on Vail Mountain. What was once an intimidating race is now one of the most popular at the GoPro Mountain Games — both for athletes and spectators.

12:00 PM

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event closes Saturday, June 10th at 6:00 PM. 

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Event Overview


12:00 PM

A 30-minute uphill/downhill dash. Run 860-foot laps on the legendary tourist trap, Pepi’s Face on Vail Mountain. When the timer hits 30, the horn blows, and it’s a mad sprint to the finish! The speedsters with the most completed laps wins.




12:00 PM



Open – Men / Women

  • Racers will be sent out in a mass start. Start positions will not be pre-determined and it is up to the athlete to get into their desired start location.
  • Objective is to run as many laps as possible in thirty (30) minutes. Clock will start when runners cross the starting line. First lap will start when runners cross the lap line (to be clearly marked day of race). Athletes’ laps will be counted by timers each time athlete crosses lap line. At thirty (30) minutes, horn will sound, and runners must finish current lap (no back-tracking) and sprint back to the start/finish line.
  • Results will place competitors by number of laps completed and then time back.
  • Athletes are permitted to wear protective gloves and/or padding and use trekking poles if they so wish. All other accessory equipment must be approved by race directors no less than twenty-four (24) hours before start time.
  • No tripping, shoving or horseplay will be tolerated and any athlete participating in foul play will be pulled from the course and disqualified.
  • Dogs are not permitted to run in the adidas Terrex Pepi’s Face-Off . Please enter our Rocky Dog Fun Run on Thursday, June 8 if you’d like to run with your pup!
  • The course will start and finish in Nature Valley Mountain Plaza, run West to the base of Pepi’s Face trail, straight up the face, East across Windisch Way, and down Strawberry Lane. The lap lane will be at the bottom of Strawberry Lane.  
  • In order to alleviate foot traffic impact on Pepi’s Face, runners will use three (3) separate lanes up the hill. Uphill traffic on Pepi’s Face will be shifted from one lane to the next exactly 10 minutes from starting time and then again exactly 20 minutes from starting time. 

Price & Prizes


EARLY BIRD PRICING // February 1 – April 5, 2023

// April 6 – May 31, 2023

EVENT PRICING // June 1 – June 10, 2023



MEN – Open
1st Place – $2,000
2nd Place – $1,000
3rd Place – $500

WOMEN – Open
1st Place – $2,000
2nd Place – $1,000
3rd Place – $500


1st – YETI Rambler 36oz Bottle
2nd – YETI Yonder 1L Bottle
3rd – YETI Yonder .75ml Bottle

Athletes can win the below prizes.

– Adidas Voucher valued at $150
– Adidas Voucher valued at $125
– Adidas Voucher valued at $100

*ALL prizes are subject to change

Price & Prizes