Warmin’ up in Austin Texas
Photo: Cody Rademacher @codyfromtexas

Warmin’ up in Austin Texas

Posted by: Tom Boyd

It takes a special level of musical talent to stand out in Austin, Texas.

Marcus King and Jack Ryan most definitely have it. The duo brought the house down at the GoPro Mountain Games pre-event party at the Yeti flagship store in Austin Texas, Wednesday night May 10.

It was only a tantalizing taste of the full-band experience the Marcus King Band will bring to the GoPro Mountain Games when they play the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater Friday, June 9 along with Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass and opening act Brothers Keeper.

Mountain Games sweepstakes winner Karen Prather (second from left) with Jess, Dave, and the amazing Mud Stud.

The event was also a salute to one of the Mountain Games’ most loyal fanbases, and about 250 showed up to enjoy the music and get stoked for the upcoming Mountain Games. Yeti, High Brew CoffeeTriggerPoint, and Tito’s Vodka are all based in Austin, a point of serendipity that added to the mojo of the event. Together with Krave Jerky, Native Eyewear, and GoPro, we were able to put together some pretty amazing prizes for the giveaway in between sets.

It was an especially good day for Karen Prather, of Austin, who won a trip to the GoPro Mountain Games this June. Karen is a mountain biker who regularly visits Colorado to ride … this time she’ll do so in style with her VIP weekend already scheduled and in the books. GoPro cameras, Yeti coolers + tumblers, TriggerPoint therapy packs, and a sweet High Brew Coffee cruiser biker were also given away at the event.

For King and Ryan, the event was a bit of an experiment. They hadn’t played out as a duo before.

“We’ve messed around with this idea at home before … and even then we were like nah it doesn’t work,” King said after the event. “But they wanted me to come play at this event and we said well let’s just do it duo style.”

Just drums, guitar, and vocals worked out just fine for the 250 or so Austinites who came out for the show, and King and company were mobbed by ecstatic fans after the show.

Thanks Austin – you definitely know how to show us a good time. We’ll return the favor in Vail June 8-11!

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