Onewheel vs. skateboard: similarities and differences
Photo: Zach Mahone

Onewheel vs. skateboard: similarities and differences

Posted by: Shauna Farnell

Although there are obvious differences between a Onewheel and a skateboard (we won’t bother listing the fact that a Onewheel has one wheel and a skateboard has four), there’s no question that the same skills translate from one to the other.

Oscar Rawlings, 14, makes the rounds on his Onewheel during the 2018 GoPro Mountain Games.

Oscar Rawlings, 14, was checking out the Onewheel Race for the Rails course and debating on whether his Onewheel skills would be enough to tackle some of the features, which admittedly looked challenging – a rainbow, a massive curved bridge and a series of super steep ramps, including one with a gap in it that would require jumping. Jumping on a Onewheel is possible, “if you know what you’re doing,” but not as easy as jumping on a skateboard, Oscar says. The 14-year-old Vail resident both skates and Onewheels and took time to outline a few other similarities and differences between the two.


– They are both boards with wheels

– The way you turn and the movement with your feet

– They both require a fair amount of balance


– Onewheel is electric (it even has lights)

– Onewheel is heavier

– Onewheel is a lot more expensive (Oscar dropped $1,500 on his Onewheel Plus)

– You can do sharper turns on a Onewheel

– You can roll through varied terrain on a Onewheel (sand, grass, rocks …)

– Skateboarding is better exercise (but Onewheel better for learning balance)

– Onewheel is better for riding in the mountains, because you can go uphill fast

by Shauna Farnell

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