Fit & Fold with Jillian Keaveny

Fit & Fold with Jillian Keaveny

the best of both worlds: the fitness challenge + the yoga counter

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Get ready to sweat, flow and jam in this full body, 75 min class led by Jillian Keaveny. With the accompany of SoundOff headphone technology, there’s no doubt you’ll connect to yourself, the people in class and the music! The first 35-40 minutes of this class is focused on fitness, through a variety of both strength and cardio based movements. The second part of class is all about going inward and balancing the body through yoga.

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Inspired by music, movement and connection, Jillian is a full time fitness and yoga instructor in Denver, CO. Her teaching is driven by her passion to connect mind, body and heart. Whether it is a high intensity fitness class, or a slow intentional yoga flow, Jillian’s classes are always intentional, fun, and a conduit for internal awareness.


FRIDAY, June 8

11:30am – 12:45pm

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Price & Prizes

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Zen Zone (Ford Park)