Fishing Final

Fishing Final


Catch the ultimate fishing showdown as the top competitors from the qualifying YETI fishing competitions (Catch Wars & 2 Fly X-Stream) clash in a final fish-off on Sunday.

7:00 AM

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7:00 AM


  • The Sunday Fishing Finals are open to all anglers who have earned a position through their participation and success in either: Catch Wars on Thursday, June 9 (top team of 2 advances) or 2 Fly X-Stream on Saturday, June 11 (top 7 men and top 3 women advance).
  • All anglers must have a valid 2022 Colorado fishing license 
  • The top ranked angler coming out of the qualifying events will determine in which boat and position he/she wants to start. The number two (2) ranked angler will determine in which of the remaining boats and positions he/she wants to start and so on. The lowest ranked angler does not have a boat or position choice (but at least he/she is fishing)! 
  • Anglers will be float fishing a short portion of the Eagle River, Roaring Fork River, or Colorado River, but will cover the same water twice. All boats will launch in five (5) minute intervals. Women’s boats launch first. Each boat will have approximately three (3) to four (4) hours on the water. The guides will be given a timer and if the two (2) hour session is completely used, anglers must store their gear and the guide must row directly to the take out.  A position switch, front-to-back, within each boat will be made just prior to the boat launching for the second time. Boats will launch from the boat ramp in the exact same order in both rounds. However, boat position on the water may change and does not have to remain in the same order. Two (2) hours maximum is all the time anglers will have to fish each session.  
    • All fishing is catch and release and must be done with barbless hooks.  Tandem rigs are allowed if an angler is bold enough to tie on 33% of the flies he/she gets to fish for the whole day at one time.  Flies with multiple hooks (stingers) are not allowed.
  • Anglers only get to use two (2) flies during the competition. These flies can be of any type and any size.  Each angler is allowed to have only five (5) of the exact same pattern. At minimum, the sixth fly must be of a different color, size, etc.  Each angler may have any combination of the two patterns. Organizers or an appointed judge will determine if all six (6) flies qualify as barbless before leaving the boat ramp. Judges will also determine that there are only two (2) patterns total represented in the anglers allotted six (6) flies. Judges can ask for a fly inspection at any point during the competition. An angler can continue to fish for points after losing his/her fly until the sixth (6th) one is lost. At that time, any additional fish caught will not go toward the final score. If the angler in the front of the boat loses all 6 flies, he/she no longer reserves the right to direct the boatman as to which side of the river or the speed at which the boat will travel. In this instance, there shall be no position switch, but the angler in the back of the boat now directs the guide until the boat reaches the take out or the maximum time allotted is used. 
  • Each angler can have only one (1) rod strung for competition and one (1) rod broken down in case of breakage. Anglers may choose any rod weight and length with corresponding reels and lines and the lines may be sinking or floating.  Anglers may choose any length and diameter of leader and/or tippet. 
  • Only trout count in the competition. Each fish brought into the boat and safely released counts as one (1) point. Fish that are hooked and lost at any point during the landing process do not count. A foul hooked fish does not count, meaning the hook is anywhere but on the inside of the mouth. All anglers must land their own fish without physical assistance from boat partner or judge. Anglers may use their own nets, although all must be determined as “fish safe” prior to the beginning of the session.  Anglers may use a net provided by the judge/guide, but this must be determined before leaving the boat ramp. Anglers should plan on bringing their own nets. If an angler hooks a fish but hasn’t landed it before the end of the fishing session, the angler is allowed to continue and land the fish to score. 
  • Each angler is allowed to measure ONLY ONE (1) fish during the float for additional points based on overall length of the fish. Length will be determined by the judge and verified by the other angler in the boat. Length will be broken down to the nearest ½ inch. Length is defined from nose tip to the longest portion of the tail.  Once a fish has been measured for length, there will be no replacement of that number even if a larger fish is caught. Anglers can only put ONE on the tape, make sure it is the one you want to keep for your score! 
  • The angler with the most points at the end of the floats wins the competition. Total points will include one (1) point for each fish caught and points based on length for the one that was measured for score. For example, Angler Number Three catches four (4) fish total and decides to measure a twelve (12) inch fish. Angler Number Three’s total points would equal sixteen (16). The second and third place finishers will also be determined in the same manner. In the event of a tie, the angler with the larger recorded fish will win. In the event of a tie in total points AND measured fish, the angler with the higher seed coming out of the Semi-Final round will win. 
  • Additional prizes will be given to the angler with the single largest fish recorded. This is based only on the length of fish. In the event of a tie in length of measured fish, the angler with more fish landed will win. In the event of a tie in length of measured fish AND number of fish landed, the angler with the higher seed/score coming out of the Semi-Final round will win.
  • All or part of this competition is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.


Price & Prizes



1st – $3,000
2nd -$1,500
3rd – $500

1st – $3,000
2nd – $1,500
3rd – $500

1st – $500


1st Place — Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods + M’s PRO Waders in their Size

2nd Place – Orvis Recon Fly Rods + M’s Ultralight Waders in their Size

3rd  Place – Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod + M’s Clearwater Waders in their Size

1st Place — Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods + W’s PRO Waders in their Size

2nd Place – Orvis Recon Fly Rods + W’s Ultralight Waders in their Size

3rd  Place – Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod + W’s Clearwater Waders in their Size


YETI Biggest Fish:

1stOrvis Helios 3 Fly Rod

Price & Prizes

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