Down River Kayak Sprint

Down River Kayak Sprint


If you’re not first, you’re last in this classic Gore Creek sprint that pits boaters against each other and the almighty clock. 

Make sure to cram carbs before the race – you’ll need them for the 4 mile Class II-III paddle back to the Covered Bridge in Vail Village! With a rally race format, kayakers drop at timed intervals so you’ll be racing against the clock, and if you’re really rockin’ you may be able to catch someone!

9:00 AM

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event closes Friday, June 10 at 6:00 PM. Please see boat drop information below.

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9:00 AM



Open (Men / Women)
Youth – 17 & Under (Men / Women)
Long Boat Division (Men / Women)



Athletes can drop boats at the top of the Vail Village Parking Structure the night before the event, Friday, June 10 from 4:30PM-5:30PM. Event staff will be onsite to help load boats into a covered box truck that will be locked and secured. This option is HIGHLY recommended and will make the morning of the race much easier. Athletes will only need to show up to the morning meeting with their paddle, PFD and other personal gear.  Boats can also be dropped at the top of Vail Village Parking Structure the morning of the race beginning at 6:30 AM.  

  • Open Boat Division – Men & Women: Boats may not exceed 9’ in length. All boats will be measured 
  • Youth Boat Division – Men & Women: Boats may not exceed 9’ in length. All boats will be measured 
  • Long Boat Division – Men & Women: Boats may not exceed 12’5” in length. All boats will be measured 
  • Whitewater-specific plastic kayaks only. Sit-on-tops are allowed, but only if they are robust whitewater models worthy of the conditions.  
  • No after-production modifications of the exterior length, dimensions, or hull shapes of boats allowed.
  • The following boats will NOT be permitted 
    • Motors or mechanical assisted drive boats
    • Inflatable kayaks  
    • Sea kayaks 
    • Foot Rudders
  • If in doubt about your boat, ask Race Directors at least 24 hours in advance of competition.  
  • Hand Paddlers are allowed 
  • Mandatory equipment includes: 
    • PFD 
    • Helmet 
    • Protective footwear 
    • A dry-top, paddling jacket or wetsuit 
  • Equipment will be reviewed at check-in. The race director has the right to refuse any non-conforming equipment (i.e. bicycle helmets, nylon spray skirts, etc.).  
  • Athletes must wear their competitor bib outside their PFD at all times 
  • Event organizers and whitewater rescue teams are not responsible for equipment rescue and/or equipment removal from the GoPro Mountain Games whitewater courses should athletes lose their equipment during practice or competition 
  • Athletes must arrive at the put-in no less than 45 minutes before their race start time to go through gear check, attend mandatory meeting, receive start times, and pick up their competition bib.
  • Paddlers who lose their equipment and require a rescue of any kind and/or appear to be excessively falling and swimming will be pulled from the course by the safety team. Paddlers who lose their gear and exit the river will receive a DNF. 
  • If a paddler is being overtaken by another “faster” paddler from behind, they must yield to the faster/overtaking paddler in a safe and respectful manner. This will not affect a penalty or DQ unless the paddler being overtaken uses blocking or any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • The race is run in time trial format.  
  • Final race rules and format will be available during the Safety Meeting.  

The race start is in East Vail at the end of Aspen Lane. There is no parking available, so athletes may be dropped off or take the shuttles provided by Lakota Guides and Timberline Guides starting at 6:30 AM on Saturday from the top of the Vail Village Parking Structure. Please allow plenty of time to check in and attend the mandatory safety meeting.  

Please respect the Aspen Lane neighborhood and use the supplied porta johns at the put-in area. 


From Vail Village: head east on South Frontage Road about three (3) miles. Turn right on Aspen Lane. This road is located right before you go under the highway. Put-in is located at end of Aspen Lane, at the “T” intersection of Booth Creek Lane. 


Price & Prizes


REGISTRATION PRICING // February 25 – April 15, 2022

EARLY BIRD PRICING // April 16 – May 31, 2022

EVENT PRICING // June 1 – June 10, 2022


Total PRIZE Purse: $6,000

MEN – Open
1st – $750
2nd – $500
3rd – $250

WOMEN – Open
1st – $750
2nd – $500
3rd – $250

MEN – Longboat
1st – $750
2nd – $500
3rd – $250

WOMEN – Longboat
1st – $750
2nd – $500
3rd – $250


All prizes are to be determined

MEN Youth Division – 17 & Under
1st – TBD
2nd – TBD
3rd – TBD

WOMEN Youth Division – 17 & Under
1st – TBD
2nd – TBD
3rd – TBD

Price & Prizes

Event Map


Down River Sprint Put In @ Aspen Lane in East Vail


Down River Sprint Take Out @ Covered Bridge in Vail Village