The CoLab:

The CoLab:

The Colab | MOUNTAIN HOUSE gear town
thursday, JUNE 8

Wade Holland & Abby Wren | 12:00 PM
Welcome to the CoLab – How to Create Epic Video on Your Phone

Rafa Jaime & Omar Alvarez | 3:30 PM
The Blind Mountaineer & Guide on a Mission to Summit Everest

Marty Music | 4:30 PM
Interactive Jam Session with Youtube’s Premier Guitar Instructor

Timmy Ham aka SLOTH | 5:15 PM
The Future of the Artist: Live Mural Painting with Creator and Visual Artist, SLOTH


Shyanne Orvis | 10:00 AM
Art on the Fly with Professional Fly Fishing Guide, Travel Host and Mother

The Mirnavator | 11:00 AM
Redefining Running & Shattering Stereotypes in the Mountains

Brian Peters | 12:00 PM
Breath Mastery – Cool Down and Level Up Your Performance, Recovery & Life

Laura Zerra | 3:30 PM
How to Thrive Off-Grid with Survivalist & Adventure Traveler Laura Zerra

Adam Glick | 4:30 PM
Culinary Skills and Cutlery Demo with THE Adventure Chef

Marty Music | 5:15 PM
Interactive Jam Session with Youtube’s Premier Guitar Instructor


HoneyTrek | 11:00 AM
Fireside Chat: 11 Sustainability Tips from an 11-Year Honeymoon

Abby Wren | 12:00 PM
Art, Alopecia, and Adaptation

Kai & Todd Jones | 3:30 PM
Catching up with the Jones’s: Featuring Father & Son Outdoor Duo

Andrew Alexander King & L’Renee | 4:30 PM
Connecting to Create While Breaking Barriers in the Outdoors

Cliff & Brodie that DOOD | 5:15 PM
How Brodie Became That Dood: The Internet’s Favorite Adventure Dog


The Handpan Man | 10:00 AM
Music and Mountains with TikTok’s Sensation, The Handpan Man

Vail Avalanche Rescue Dogs | 11:00 AM
Learn About Vail’s Legendary Avalanche Rescue Dog Program Firsthand from Vail Ski Patrol

Lynn Hill | 12:00 PM
Storytime with Climbing Icon

Wade Holland & Abby Wren | 3:30 PM
That’s a Wrap! CoLab Recap + Highlights